Flytten har börjat!

This fall has a lot of things coming with it that I like. And sometimes don´t like. Or well, I like the most of this fall :) I might be the only one that do´t care that the summer is ending and that the school starts again and the colder wheather is getting back. Not this year. One reason is ´cause my youngest future hostchild should have been born in the end of the summer (of you are looking at the swedish summer that is). He came to early though, on my borthday even! Best feeling ever getting that email from my hostparents telling me that I´m sharing a birthday, with a new little boy. I been wanting august for a long time, just because of him getting born and the arrival of the fall. I know, I am strange. But when school starts this monday, I start my LAST semester at the university! My last. At least for now. I will study some courses in america but I´m just one semester from graduation! I will be a teacher in just 5 months. That´s sick, and it feels so good! 
This fall also has a lot of preparation in it. I just recently moved from my apartment, the one I´ve been sharing with one of my best friends for almost two years. That feels sad, but also good. For me it meens that I am one step closer to america, and one step closer to be a teacher. For my friend it meens the beginning of her school years. I live with another friend now, and it feels good, I am so grateful to her for letting me crash on her sofa for two months. :) 
Then I will live with my mom and Leo for three months after that, that will also be an adjustment, but I think it will work out okey. And then it´s all the preparation, with an american Visa, and all other papers that has to be completed before I go. :) And all that at the same time as I´m counting down for my graduation! My mom think we should have some kind of party, but we´ll see! Maybe, maybe not. Maybe just some kind of dinner with my family members. :)

Now it´s time for some lunch! 

See you!


5,5 months left in Sweden!