Had a fun weekend in Palm Springs with great friends! Back home in LA and ready for bed now :)
Here are some mixed pics from this weekend - Palm Springs, the tram way in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree national park, the sunset over Los Angeles on the way home and so on. Enjoy!
Goodnight! :)

Palm Springs quote!

Lisa: Is the Coconut Margarita good?
Waiter: Yes, it's good! It has sponsored all my bad decisions the last couple of weeks.
Lisa: I'll take that one.
*Josie laughs like crazy*
Lisa: What did she say..?

Hahaha best of the day!

Everyone should see this!

This young kid sure was a strong one! He knew he was going to die but he didn't stop living. This is his story. I cried, I'm always crying when I see this kind of stories.
Appreciate every day in your life!