Pool day!

Went to a pool with my host family today, it was so nice! I love pool Sundays - had one last week as well and I think it´s a good thing to do :)
Ready for a new week now. The weekends goes by waaaaay fast but this coming week my mom and Leo will arrive here in Manhattan Beach after a road trip through the States so I am looking forward to it a lot! :) And they better have a hotel with a pool so I can go there with the kids on the afternoons, at least some days during their 10 days (or something) here in LA! :)

This week has been a really good week! My family told me that they want me to stay with them for another year and I couldn´t have been happier! I had to bite my lip just so I wouldn´t star crying of joy! ;) haha!
I told my grandmother today that I´m staying for another year and she said that I am so lucky that I got this family as my host family. And I know I am! :) I am lucky and I love them a lot!

Now - time for a trip to IKEA with Lisa and her two friends who are here for a visit! I´m gonna buy vaniljsås!!! :D Yep!

That´s it for now! I know I´m the worst blogger in history at the moment but I´ll try to get better, (I also know that I always say that...) ;)

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