Palm Springs weekend coming up

I have a lot of songs stuck in my head at the moment. Most of them are from the Snow White movie because that is little J´s favorite movie at the moment. And then I have a Christmas song or two... I don´t have any idea why! And it is annoying! It´s warm here, I don´t need a Christmas song stuck in my head. But whatever, I guess I´ll survive that. 

Okey, next weekend I´m off from Friday night until Wednesday morning so Solene and I booked a hotel room in Palm Springs two of the night. We needed some place really warm and we want to relax by the pool and recharge our batteries. Will be amazing! It´s gonna be like 100 degrees Fahrenheit when we are going there, which is about 38 degrees for the rest of the world. I LOVE IT! :) Lisa and Stina (two other Swedes in the area) is also coming and booked the same hotel as we did, awesome! :)
Solene and I want to go to Joshua Tree Park and we wanna go on a Tram ride that is possible to do in Palm Springs.
My family here is going to Palm Springs the same weekend so I hope I can join them for a little while too! They have a more nice pool at their hotel then we do so I might just use that pool instead ;) 

This weekend my plan is to hang at the beach, so I hope it will be super sunny and not cloudy (like last weekend...) It´s pretty warm anyway but it´s not beach weather when it´s cloudy! Otherwise I don´t have much planned which feels good!
Well, I guess that´s the update for now. 

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