Last day of April! What happend?

My moms birthday today! (Or well, yesterday in Sweden). She´s turning 48! (I hope that wasn´t a secret mom!) Been waiting for this year for many years, ´cause this is the year when she´s twice my age ;) Haha! In August though, when I turn 24. 
Today was a great day here. The weather wasn´t the best but it was such a good day anyway. 
Baby M is better from his cold and he was so happy today, smiled and laughed all day long! So amazingly cute!
It´s May 1st tomorrow, I arrived in LA February 1st. It´s so strange. What happend?! Oh yeah - I moved to paradise, moved in with the best host family I could ever imagine and then the days just passed somehow. I´ve been in the States for 13 weeks (yesterday) if I count the week at the AuPair school in NY. It´s amazing! I have to start decorate my room with the pics I brought from Sweden. I haven´t got that far yet. Haha!! No hurry here.
Picked up little J from school today and she, baby M and I went to the Farmers Market, rode the trackless train and little J got a Tinkerbell "tattoo". Then Starbucks for coffee! Love that kid! "I want to go and buy coffee!" Yeah - that means I can drink coffee too!! Of course we´ll go and buy coffee! And no, she doesn´t really drink coffee (or well, she probably would if she could) but she had warmed up soy milk - which for her is coffee :) 
Baby M likes when we pick up his sister! She makes him laugh a lot, which is super cute! :) 
Well, Happy Birthday again mom! See you on Skype some day! :)

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