Home <3

I have lived in 13 (or 14? Lost track...) apartments and houses during my life. 6 of them before the age of 7 yrs I think. When people hear this they always say the same line - "Oh my! That must have been hard?!" Sure, moving is a project and you have to pack all your stuff and then unpack them at a new place. So sure, that part isn´t always fun. But, it haven´t been a bad thing for me. I think all this moving around have made me stronger. I am not afraid of moving, I don´t feel like I have to stay in a place just because "I´ve always lived in this house..."
I am good at finding friends and to feel at home easily. Which is positive those times when you´re just visiting someone ´cause I sleep like I am in my own bed at home.
But I can honestly say that it took me 23 years and 5,5 months to find the place I really truly LOVE to call "my home". California is home. It´s weird since I´m born in Sweden, Sweden should be home. It´s not. And it will never be again, it will never be the same in Sweden. I use to say like a joke that I know that I was suppose to be born somewhere else, I just got born in the wrong country. But it´s actually kind of true. My back problem is better here, my neck does not hurt as often and I feel better in general! :) California is the place! (Mom, why are we not Americans?! I know you feel the same way about his country!)

I love California <3

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