Already Wednesday Evening. Again!

Oh my, why is the weeks going so fast. It´s seriousely June in like a week. Crazy. Well, when time pass fast it means I have a good time, right? :) I do! I have the best time ever! I´m not kidding, it´s the best time ever!

Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday means that little J has swim lesson and this week I will take her there together with baby M and their grandfather who will fly in tomorrow to visit. Little J is super excited about this and said that she wanted her grandpa to push the stroller from school to swim. Super cute! 

So, Thursday and Friday and then it´s time for Palm Springs with Solene, Lisa and Stina. Will be super fun! :) We are gonna go in Solene´s old but cute car without air condition. She can take the roof of though, so that´s good. Since the Palm Springs weather is hot hot hot. Like 93 degrees as it looks right now. Yes Sweden (and the rest of the world outside the States), that was in Fahrenheit. It´s about 34 degrees Celcius. In the shade. I will melt. Yup. Can´t wait!! 

My family here is no longer going to Palm Springs for the weekend, they changed their minds and chosed a place closer to home. It only takes like one hour to drive there or something like that. R told me that I could join them on Tuesday if I wanted to, I might just do that. But I have to find my way there by my self, and that might be tricky enough. It´s so much easier when you go together with someone, not only is it fun to have someone to talk to but it´s also good ´cause then that person could also read the direction from google maps. Music can keep me company though. Just have to figure out how to find my way. If I go that is. I also have to drive R´s car, which is bigger than mine and temporarily without air condition. So I might melt. Again. :) But windows are good as well! 
Yea, we´ll see what happens on Tuesday. On Saturday ´til Monday I´m in Palm Springs, enjoying the pool and sun and just taking it easy. Recharging the batteries! :) 
Well, early night tonight, again. I slept soooo good last night but I woke up woth a headache. That disappeared during the day luckily enough :) I think I have to drink more water... I´m super bad at that. 
Okey, now I´m talking about absolutely nothing, which mostly means I should quit writing and do something else. ;) 

So, I´ll grab some water and see what I can do now! 


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#1: johanna

Hej hej! Här regnar det som bara den. Tjipp och kram.

Svar: Svensk sommar det! ;)
Josefin Årström

#2: Nalle

41 degrees Farenheit here. Yay. Swedish spring and summer...

Svar: HAHAHAHA! Ok det var lite roligt... Men hörde att ni hade fint väder idag (första juni) iaf! Enjoy while it lasts... Btw så säger min dator att din kommentar är "misstänkt spam!" hah!
Josefin Årström

#3: Anonym

Toga solskydd hatt solglasögon och mycket vatten

Avundas inte... ;)


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