I totally have the best host family in the world. Here I am - in New York, celebrating Christmas. I got a super nice jewelry box and a lot more from them and even some gifts from their family here in NY. I feel so grateful and blessed to be with this family and even if Christmas morning was a bit crazy (but which Christmas morning isn't crazy?) this is one really good Christmas! 
Of course I miss my cousins and aunt, Tobbe, my grandma and Per who are my usual company on Christmas but at the same time I'm with family here as well so I feel super good! 
I got the question yesterday if this was my first Christmas away. I spend last years Christmas in Florida with my mom, Leo, sue and mike so it wasn't really my first Christmas away. I've been thinking a lot about this and I see my American family as more of a "real" family than many of my real relatives. No one asked the question I thoughti would get though - I was kind of almost sure that someone would ask "don't you get homesick a day like this, a day you usually spend with family or relatives?" But no one did ask that. My answer would have been no. I'm not homesick. I'm with my family right now. You don't always have to related to the persons that means most in your life and that you see as your family. :) I'm so grateful! Merry Christmas! 

Something to put in my future Christmas trees. I held back some tears when I got this - tears of joy of course. Did I say I feel blessed? :) 

I love my family - Swedish and American. I'm sorry I can't be at two places (or 5..) at once. But I'm happy! And I feel great! :) 

God Jul! 

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#1: julia d.ä.

åhhh va fint :-)! Du har en underbar amerikansk familj, Josefin :-)! Stor kram till dig, och till dem :-)!

#2: josefin

Ja men visst är det fint!! :)


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